Your guide to skirting boards or baseboards in your home.


Common Skirting and Baseboard Profiles

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Skirting boards and Baseboards are available in a huge range of profiles from many building product suppliers. The profiles and shapes change as manufacturers seek to gain market share and building construction styles vary.

Always be aware of the mood that the skirtings and baseboards can add to a room. Cool and linear feel is exuded by hard edges, while a softer warmth is shared by curves. Avoid contradicting construction styles such as a colonial baseboard in an ultra-modern home.

Here are some common profiles. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Rectangular skirting board.

DAR Dressed all round rectangular profile. The most basic baseboard

Pencil round baseboard

 Pencil round (sometimes called bullnose) gives a softer feel yet still modern

Single bevel baseboard

  Single bevel (sometimes called splayed) skirtingboard

Half splayed skirting

 Half splayed skirting. Great for classic or modern homes

 Bullnose Baseboard

 Bullnose or cambered, beautiful soft lines.

 Classic Skirtingboard

 Classic Skirting

 Colonial Skirting board

 One of many colonial or ogee profiles

 Australian colonial skirting board

 Australian colonial baseboard

 Step profile baseboard

 Stepped profile combines well with stepped cornices

 Art Deco Skirting board

 Great Art deco style skirting.

 Ovolo Skirtingboard

 Ovolo profile more common in the UK and USA


 The smalled profile. QUAD which is short for quarter round.

 Lambs Toungue Skirting

 Lambs Tongue baseboard also available in various proportions.

 Terraced Baseboard

 Terraced profile, taller and thinner than deco.

 Victorian colonial skirting board

 Classic victorian colonial profile.

 Ogee Baseboard

 The ever popular OGEE Baseboard.